One of the most important steps in creating videos is music. However, many companies don’t put so much thought about it. They just blindly pick music from a huge library – and, that is a big mistake. Music is so powerful that it gets under our skin and gives us feelings we never thought we could feel. Due to the way we consume music, music for video has become so important. It connects us and helps us remember.

Adding music for video may seem like a challenging task, but it can be easier if you follow these tips:

  • Match the mood. What emotion do you want to evoke to your audience? When choosing music for video seem hard, remember to match the mood. If you are creating a happy-go-lucky video, you want an upbeat music with a higher register. An inspiration video will be great with music that starts off subtle and has great build up.
  • Use fades. Fading music for videos is important to avoid rushed start and finish. It allows you to blend music successfully. In case you are using a voiceover, fade out the music before you start so your voice will stand out.
  • Choose wisely. Music for video usually comes with a price. You need to choose wisely. Don’t settle for music without a license. Choose royalty free music to avoid lawsuits along the road.
  • Consider mixing your music. When you are creating a long video, mixing your music can be a powerful tool that will nudge your viewers to see a different though or idea.

Music can truly up your game when you are creating videos. Where can you find music for video? Shutterstock Music recently opened up their stock music library. The stock site has a simple pay per use. No need for subscriptions. You can just purchase the music you need to complete your masterpiece.