Are you looking for high quality footages for your creative project? There are a number of websites that offer videos, but iStock video is considered to be one of the best. The stock agency has been around for over 15 years, catering to the stock photo and video needs of creative professionals around the world. Acquired by Getty Images in 2006, it is backed by industry giants who helped propel it to the top.

So, what so great about iStock video? Here are some of the benefits:

  • All videos are priced by collection. If you require higher definition for your videos, you don’t have to worry about additional fees. iStock videos are priced according to collection, and not by definition. The Essential collection has the lowest price, while the Signature collection has the best quality.
  • Millions of footage are available. Covering varied themes and styles, iStock offers millions of choices of HD and 4K videos. You can choose whichever fits your project the most.
  • Get iStock videos at affordable prices. Depending on the collection, you can download one video between 6 and 18 credits. If you are on a tight budget, we recommend the Essentials collection which offers quality videos for half the price of the best quality Signature
  • Pick any of the two image resolution. Are you looking for HD and 4K videos? iStock has them both. SD videos are also available.
  • Videos come with the right license. All videos include a royalty free license that grants you multiple and perpetual rights to use the footage for a one-time fee.

Why should you consider getting your videos from iStock? These are only 5 of the reasons why the stock agency is on top of the industry. Backed by one of the industry giants, you can be sure that you are only getting what you pay for – or much more!